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Third-party Claims

Third-party Claims

Motor Vehicle Act is Social Beneficial Legislation but when under the liberalization policy the Pvt. Insurance Cos. started business in India then there are mor complications in Third Party Claims. Govt. of India in Parliament makes the necessary amendments in Motor vehicle Act time to time for 3rd party Claims and in 3rd Party Claims Except Insurer and Insured all others are 3rd party and under the Motor Vehicle Act any-one apply with Motor Accident Claims Tribunal on account of injuries received by him in ROAD-SIDE ACCIDENT hit by motor vehicle on public place.

Legal Representatives can apply for grant of compensation under 3rd party Claim on account of death in in ROAD-SIDE ACCIDENT hit by motor vehicle on public place.

As pee Motor Vehicle Act 3rd Party Insurance of any vehicle is mandatory as such if any damages occurred to any property/or vehicle hit by another vehicle that is also payable under 3rd party claim.

In this 3rd Party Claims the award has been passed against the owner driver of the vehicle who caused the accident and as per Motor Vehicle Act the Insurance Co. of that vehicle has to pay the compensation amount determined by the Motor Accident Claims Tribunals on account of injuries, death and property damages.

In India, there are two types of insurance: Statutory and Contractual

  • Statutory insurance is mandatory and is governed by the Motor Vehicle Act where every vehicle registered in India must be Insured for 3rd (Third) Party. Without this 3rd Party Insurance, no vehicle is allowed in a public place. Insurance is essentially a contract between two parties to cover the risk of the insured by the insurer by charging a premium as the consideration. Hence, in the contract of Insurance, the promiser and the promisee are the two parties, namely the Insured and the Insurer. With reference to the Contract of Insurance, the person or entity against the risk of whose possible claim; the Insurer insures the Insured is the ‘Third Party’. Seen in terms of the provisions of the New Motor Vehicle Act it is clear that whosoever is entitled to raise a claim against the owner/Insured or the insurer is the third party. Motor Accident Act is a piece of beneficial and welfare legislation.

  • Contractual Insurance which is comprehensive insurance for Vehicles, Health Insurance, Business/Industry/Shop Insurance, Life Insurance, Marine Insurance, Fire Insurance, etc. In India, IRDA has permitted 23 companies to provide Life Insurance and 32 Companies to provide Non-Life Insurance which is governed by THE INSURANCE ACT-1938.
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