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Claim Rejection

Claim Rejection

Your claim gets rejected due to wrong representation or technical glitches which makes you feel dejected. We at OSS Claims help you and make best efforts to get you claim back. Due to incorrect filing or misinformation claims get rejected. Your claim can be challenged even after rejection.

Reasons why your claim can get rejected

  • Avoiding medical tests
  • Incorrect nominee details
  • Delay in filing for claims
  • Non-disclosure of relevant information
  • Not paying premiums on time
  • If your reason to claim comes under the exclusions of the policy

How to avoid these things to happen

  • Submit all relevant information while purchasing the policy (Especially the policies you bought in the recent 3 to 4 years).
  • Pay premium on time.
  • Do all necessary tests your insurer requires you to.
  • Read all policy documents carefully before purchasing.
  • Fill your policy document yourself and update your insurer if you want to change the nominee.

OSS CLAIMS will help you get the claims which were rejected by the insurance companies on flimsy and hypertechnical grounds as the insurance companies repudiate the claims of the insured without assigning any reason and on the basis of special exclusion clauses which were neither part of the insurance policy nor communicated to the insured at the time of selling the policy.